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Moonshine Slot Machine Overview

To make whisky at backyard is a dream of every DECENT man. It is pretty COOOL to sit with a gun and sip even COOOOLEST single malt whisky. Hiding from so DAMN-Wise sheriff also can make your day MUUUCCHH BEETTTTERR.

At night your adventure starts with 5 reel 25 lines Moonshine slot machine released by Microgaming. It is available at any free spins no deposit casino. Free Spins, bonus game and no download version. What else do you need for your lucky party? Ya, there is something you forget about.

To vibe and feel safe invite Grandma who shoots perfectly with her double-bubble barrel gun

To wake up the whole village.

To warn you about GREEDY-AS-HELL sheriff coming.

To substitute for other symbols and present you more winning combinations.

Sheriff can make you MAD or just CRAAZZZY about great prizes he will offer you. Meet at least three Sheriffs on the reels to multiply your total bet. The maximum prize is 60 times total bet multiplier. That guarantees you up to $7,500 if you play with the maximum of $125 per spin.

Moonshine Free Spins
Moonshine Free Spins
Moonshine Bonus Game
Moonshine Bonus Game

Moonshine Slot Game Jackpots

To start your small (so pleasant) business as whisky producing you need to invest with such coin sizes as $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.1, $0.2, $0.25, $0.5, $1.00. Cautious-as-hell guys can start with minimum penny coin size to cover all 25 lines with just $0.25.

Tough chaps should choose maximum total bet of $125. Just play with 5 coins per line and select $1.00 coin size.

Win the top jackpot of 8,000 coins or $40,000 for 5 Grandma to buy RRREEALLLY precious whisky. Grandma teaches you the RULE of 7 S to become Drunk-and-Happy-as-a-Boiled-Owl quickly:

Sight (yeah, look at it piercingly)
Smell (not a perfume, but still makes your day better)
Swish (sip a little, cutie)
Swallow (at last! uppphh)
Splash (why? I’m tough-cool-crazy guy to water down!)

Moonshine Slots Bonus Game

Now relax and wait for Bonus Bottles on the reels to activate Free Spins. The quantity of bottles you drink equal to the number of Free Spins you activate. 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins is a MUST-DRRIINK for today.


Increase your prize up to 18 Free Spins. Choose the lucky moonshine cards before Free Spins start. Party becomes a real tense with 4x multiplier.

Try and win 160,000 coins or $160,000 during this feature to stop hiding your hobby from police. Moreover, the whole truth reveals in this feature. Watch new symbols to find out who is SHOT DEAD.

P.S. Moonshine makes life so romantic… or so dangerous.

P.P.S. Like sweet dreams – drink liquor.

Like truth – drink damn-cool whisky.

So, what’s your choice, cutie? By the way, if you need so sweet bonus free spins no deposit uk is right for you.


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