Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine

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Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders Slots Payout

Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine Overview

Sunny Hawaii is famous with its overwhelming beaches, but a few know that there are a lot of dangerously prizable rambling creatures. Catch hold of high-valued crawler tails and KEEP TIGHT all exotic awards in Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine.

5 reel 15 line narrow trap is teeming with biting 100x multiplier, poisonous Free Spins and promising jackpots. When you cross Microgaming snake’s no download path, stay numb until the alluring coins will creep into your pockets.

Yep, snakes are also afraid to fall down when climbing the palms. So, don’t open your eyes so wide with wonder when you see Ladder symbols on the reels. You can meet up with wild symbols as Big Kahuna Logo. This fat crawler eats other symbols to create an enormous cash combo for you.

The wild can swallow all icons, but the scatter, to double your wins. Though, you have not heard yet that Big Kahuna Logo will multiply your prizes by up to 4 times if you catch it during Free Games Feature.

Something is moving on the reels. If it is a snake, you’d better don’t stir. But it goes so fast that the next thing you know you are running away through the law of the feature jungle. Snakes and Ladders is the scatter symbol that can get anybody in a tight cashable corner.

Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders Free Spins
Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Bonus Game
Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders Bonus Game
Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Bonus Game Prize

Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Slot Game Jackpots

Do you want to tame crawling awards? A minimum bet will let you play the creepy slot, but the max stake of $75 per spin will make snakes dancing to your tune.

Hypnotizing coin values start with $0.01 up to $0.25, but placing up to 20 coins per line, you make the bet power grow. Thus, you can catch all squirmy jackpots.

5 Big Kahuna Logos will twist themselves round your stake and present you with $25,000 or 5,000 coins. Prepare a big bag to tuck such the tremendous award into it!

Big Kahuna – Snakes and Ladders Slots Bonus Game

I must have seen something coming. There is no time for thinking, you should rush to get into 5 Free Spins Feature. The monetary prizes, they would be everywhere, swarming, like snakes. The feature may randomly turn up at any time. Just mind your step in order not to miss out doubled cash creatures.

What else can you see in Hawaii? Well, you should find the monetary mountain. How can you get there? There is one way, but it also lays through Snakes and Ladders on the reels 1, 3 and 5.

Select a dice to gain the top of the bonus mountain. The higher you rise, the bigger prize you obtain. Jump over all guileful snakes and climb the ladders to have a ride on the golden coin explosion.

Moreover, you can find a stolen mask to increase your bet by up to 100 times. Never stop! Have conquered one summit, you should storm the first Big Kahuna Slot.

The MONETARY volcanic ERUPTION is guaranteed to people who meet all crawling challenges and stay positive during the whole excursion. Visit Hawaii to climb the highest prize mountain by name Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders Slot Machine.


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