Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Machine

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Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Machine Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots Payout

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Machine Overview

Feel bored? Friends are away and you are alone. Don’t feel sad and launch the gambling sea on a beautiful ship from Microgaming that will present you with the most absorbing, exciting and dangerous experience ever! Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Machine beckons you to enter it.

You have to pass over the thorny way to the top jackpot. You will meet Serena, dreadful sea monsters and something much more awful, but enigmatic along. You are chosen to hit Free Spins, Bonus Games. You don’t believe, do you? All heroes felt like you now, so just set a bet and meet all challenges honorably.

Your flash ship has arrived, get on the 5 reel 25 line board and don’t look at waving reels or you may feel seasickness. It would be better if you don’t turn out to be a bad sailor, because Microgaming team did it best to recreate the maritime atmosphere.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Logo is a wild symbol. You have almost forget about your partner. There is no wonder as you have been distracted by numerous engrossing features that promise everything under the sun.

Though, the hero can also please you with a fantastic prize as one head is good, but two heads are better. So that, wild will double your gains while replacing the monster-symbols that are on your way to winning combinations. No less exciting adventure is prepared for you if you enter Avalon 2- Quest for the Grail ๐Ÿ˜‰

Magical Golden Fleece is not so simple as it seems. It hides big opportunities and multipliers. Who can guess? You should feel that when you catch the scatter and hold 5 Golden Fleeces on your reels, it will trigger different features for you and present you with up to 100x Booster. You have to keep your eyes opened as money can be everywhere and attack you from right or left side ๐Ÿ™‚

Jason and the Golden Fleece Free Spins
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Game Jackpots

You have always watched or read about different exciting adventures, but now it is your time to show your best. Haven’t you dreamed to become a hero? You have got this opportunity. Your first challenge is to set a bet.

You may think it is very easy task, but it is not that simple. You should think carefully, because the trophies that you are going to grab depend on your contribution. So, pick a coin size right from $0.01 up to $00.50.

If you have a keen scent for the top jackpot of 20,000 coins or $10,000, you will place the highest bet of $125. Then, fight with the monsters shoulder to shoulder with 5 Jasons and grab the highest trophy.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus
Jason and the Golden Fleece Prize
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game

Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots Bonus Game

Save yourself if you can! The storm of 10 Free Spins is approaching. It comes closer and closer. How couldn’t you notice 3 Golden Fleeces on the reels that were a preliminary to the thrilling feature. No time to think, your balance account has been turned up and down a couple of times, to be more precisely, by 3 times. Filled with coins it grows bigger!

Now as you have a lot of money, you can look for a land where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. And here it is… You may see Bonus Games faraway. With every 3 scatters have been hit, you come up closer to them and finally you have reached the ground. The unknown territory is full of enticing challenges that you should pass over before getting back home.

Open the map and look what Bonus Land is close to you. Iolcus! Go full sail to seize up to 15,000 coins. Are you curious what a danger awaits you there? Relax, you will have to pick 6 shields out of 12 only to grab the awards and increase your total bet. It was fun, wasn’t it?

Oh, now you want to meet a really exciting adventure or maybe a fight. Look around, you have been transferred to Mysia Land and only the wall of Harpies is between you and a big cash prize. You need to match 4 of the same elements to remove it. Moreover, there is a hidden Multiplier Spy that can boost your prizes by many times if you can single it out.

Now you have to run away, before the furious creatures have caught you ๐Ÿ™‚ Damn, you have crashed and your ship was thrown on a reef. Play in Shipwreck Bonus to rebuild your vessel and continue your search for adventures.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus Game
Jason and the Golden Fleece Bonus
Jason and the Golden Fleece Prize
Jason and the Golden Fleece Prize
Look for a treasure chest filled with up to 12,500 coins. Think twice before open it. You have 2 chances to change your mind, though, don’t be afraid to reveal what is there as exciting experience and high awards are what you are looking for.

Crete… Have you ever been there? There is a big Soldier that guards extra Multipliers and up to 5 Free Spins. To look into his demoniac green eyes would be a real torture, but you should stand it as you can grab up to 20,000 coins this time.

Waving further, your ship has landed Sirenium island where you will meet a beautiful girl with a fishtail and body of a young lady. She will try to seduce you to distract your attention. You need to try to pick a higher card from the dealer’s one to set yourself free of her killing charm.

I knew you had some object in your mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Colchis is your last stage. Reach Bonus Land to hook Golden Fleece and return fabulously wealthy explorer. But it’s not all that simple, first of all you have to conquer fearful Dragon surrounding the treasure. Prepare a slipping drink of cash potions for a monster to complete your mission on the fairy reels.

Everyone has its dream that will become true after you have met some challenges. Go on a journey like the main hero of Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Machine and find your own sacred thing. What’s more, if you help Jason to grab Golden Fleece, you will be awarded with an incredible sum of money that can provide a strong support to your own success.


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